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Pod Coffee Makers Explained

Coffee lovers always want a perfect cup of coffee, and they generally want it right away. One of the newest ways to brew a single cup is by using one of the many pod coffee makers on the market today. This type is becoming more and more popular these days, for many different reasons.

They work by forcing water through small packets of coffee called pods. The pods are individually sealed, which keeps the coffee very fresh. Many consumers like the convenience of these machines as there is very little clean-up, and no need to measure coffee or deal with spilled coffee grounds. They also allow you to instantly brew a single cup, which many people prefer over waiting for an entire pot to brew.

There are several different brands of pod coffee makers available today, and they all offer their own brand of coffee pods. The pods are generally brand-specific, although there are some generic pods which work with a variety of machines.

One nice feature of these machines is that there is a variety of coffee types, including flavored coffee, available in the pods. So if you like to start your day with regular coffee, but have a cup of French Vanilla in the afternoon, you can brew them quickly and easily.

There are a few disadvantages to pod coffee makers, especially when it comes to cost. Buying the coffee in pods still ends up being cheaper than what you would pay in a shop, but it is definitely more expensive than making a pot of coffee the traditional way. However, if you generally brew just one cup at a time, and don’t want to be tempted to buy a fancy coffee drink, a pod coffee maker may be just the thing for you.
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Coffee Could Help Prevent Uterine Cancer

More good news about coffee and health! Coffee and caffeine are recognized for their positive health benefits. Coffee has been the subject of continued research for decades. Consistently, research findings show that coffee is more healthful than harmful.

Uterine cancer, also referred to as endometrial cancer, is the most common cancer for women’s reproductive organsUterine cancer, also referred to as endometrial cancer, is the most common cancer for women’s reproductive organs. In 2009, close to 43,000 new cases were diagnosed. Of these, the mortality rate was an estimated 18.5% which is obviously too high.

Uterine cancer is also often found at its earliest and most treatable stage:

This cancer begins in the cells of the endometrium or lining of the uterus which is the hollow, pear-shaped pelvic organ where fetal development starts. Early cancer detection is always good news and allows for the best early diagnosis and corresponding treatment. It appears that estrogen levels play a role in the development of endometrial cancer. There are many factors that can increase the levels of estrogen in women which can increase the risk of disease. Obesity is one of the most significant risk factors for the development of endometrial cancer. Maintaining a healthy weight is a good thing to do because it reduces excess fat tissue which increase levels of estrogen in the body. A healthy weight also helps to reduce the likelihood of many other ailments and disorders. Regular exercise and fitness training can have a dramatic effect lowering the risk of endrometrial cancer.So, what does this all have to do with coffee?

Actually, quite a bit. If your beverage of choice is coffee, you benefit from the high level of antioxidants in coffee.

Antioxidants are helpful substances found in foods that basically scavenge unstable molecules or free radicals in the body. Free radicals are not good because they contribute to oxidative stress which causes inflammation and other unhealthy changes in body cells. Coffee antioxidants, instead, offer benefits to women coffee drinkers such as lowering the risk of endometrial cancer. Coffee plays a role in cancer protection due to its naturally occurring polyphenolic antioxidants as well as heat-producing antioxidants. Coffee is the major single source of dietary antioxidants. Coffee has more antioxidants than wine, chocolate, tea, and individual fruits and vegetables. In fact, green coffee beans contain about 1,000 antioxidants. In addition, the brewing process adds about 300 more antioxidants. The antioxidants in coffee beans become especially potent during the roasting process and offer properties that are beneficial to human health. The coffee roasting process creates an additional set of healthful compounds, such as antioxidants. This is a unique benefit of coffee alone.You can really call coffee an “antioxidant power food.” In other words, you can drink your coffee and promote good health at the same time. A moderate intake of coffee such as two to four cups per day does not hurt and actually helps.

In addition, with all the choices of delicious flavored coffees, women can delight their palates without the worry of the extra calories and danger of increased weight as a result of coffee drinking.

Who can resist coffee flavors such as Classic Hazelnut, Vanilla, Amaretto, Chocolates, Desserts and Spices, Fruits and Creams, Liqueurs, Nuts,and Crunches? Or other flavors such as Amaretto, Royale, Butter Rum, Egg Nog, Irish Cream or White Russian? And of course the fruity flavored choices such as bananas, cherries, berries, oranges, peaches, creams, and crèmes.Point made: the list goes on and on! Obviously, it is important to state that it is imperative for individuals and patients to always check with their own physician regarding any medical conditions, treatments, diagnostics, pregnancy or special dietary plans for you.

This should include a conversation about coffee antioxidants and any beneficial impact on preventing uterine cancer. The knowledge that coffee drinking can help reduce the risk of uterine cancer means one simple call to action: go ahead and drink coffee.

So, what about tasting Mexican Altura coffee and enjoying its fragrant aroma, rich and smooth flavor, and pronounced deep-medium body? A true gourmet coffee that has consistent balance as well as hints of sweetness. Perfect to enjoy black, even strong. Or as a cold beverage after a physical workout.