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Collecting an Antique Coffee Grinder

Coffee grinders have been around for a very long time, as coffee was being brewed before electricity was invented. In fact an antique coffee grinder will date from before nineteen fifty, as this was when these hand powered machines ceased production, and may have been produced as early as eighteen fifty.

All of these older models will have a handle, and will be made of wood, cast iron or glass. Some machines have been manufactured to look old, but if they have not been made in these kinds of materials and are maybe instead made from plastic, then they are definitely not antique. It is possible to find these coffee mills from both European and American manufacturers.

In England these were made primarily by two different companies. Some grinders were made out of cast iron from eighteen fifty to nineteen fifty, during which time the basic model did not change very much meaning that dating these is best achieved by researching the serial number. Other manufacturers such as those of German manufactured made models that were instantly identifiable as they changed the design every couple of years. A Dutch brand made their coffee mills out of glass and decorated them with artwork, and these can be dated by identifying when the artwork was produced.

American coffee mills can be found dating back to eighteen sixty, and are most likely to be made of cast iron. There were two major manufacturers in the United States.

Most brand names can be found on the front or back of a machine, and there may also be a serial number so that the precise year of manufacture can be looked up. These machines are quite popular as collectors items with many being in working order. The ones that have been constructed out of cast iron are obviously the most durable. Perhaps the best reason for buying an antique coffee grinder is that they are an attractive ornament that may still have a useful purpose.
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