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Coffee – Instant Or Ground

When I wake up in the morning I want my coffee. I do not have an automatic coffee maker so I used to resort to instant coffee for my first dose of caffeine. Then as I drink my instant coffee, I make a pot of ground java.

Instant java is a brew that has already been made. But instead of drinking it, the brew is freeze dried. Freeze drying is nothing more than putting the brew in a chamber, and lowering the temperature and pressure. When the temperature is below freezing, and pressure is less than atmospheric, heat is applied to remove the moisture from the brew. Now you have freeze dried crystals. Add boiling water and you have instant java.

But I like ground coffee the best, much better flavor. I used to make my ground coffee by using a French Press. A French Press is where you put the coffee grounds in a pot, pour boiling water in and then use a press to force the coffee grounds to the bottom of the pot. As you force the coffee grounds down, the water, which has absorbed the coffee, is separated from the coffee grounds and is forced to the top of the press. Therefore the coffee grounds and coffee brew are separated, allowing you to pour the coffee out without the grounds.

Since I found the French Press, I found it takes about the same amount of time to make coffee this way as it does to make an instant brew. I have given up on instant and now just have fresh brewed using the French Press.