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Choosing Coffee Machines

Coffee remains the most favorite invigorating drink of humanity for more than four centuries. There are several fascinating varieties of beverages enjoyed by the people in different parts of the world, but the importance of coffee has not diminished. In fact coffee consumption is increasing by leaps and bounds every year. No wonder the sale of coffee machines has crossed several millions in a year. Many transnational companies manufacture innovative coffee machines with newer features fueling stiff competition in the markets.

Coffee is consumed in various forms like filter coffee, percolator coffee, espresso, cappuccino etc. There are many different preparations which are variants of the above mentioned categories. The design and mechanism of the machines vary according to the types of coffee prepared in them. The strong dark espresso coffee will have chocolate brown layer of cream on the top. Coffee beans are roasted to dark brown color and ground for the purpose. The steam driven machine makes rich and concentrated coffee.

Two types of espresso machines are available. Pressure machine is cheaper among them. The other type known as pump machine is expensive. Water heated up to 85 to 92 deg.C will be sent through coffee grounds under pressure. Cappuccino is a variant of the espresso. It is prepared by mixing steamed and frothed milk in espresso. Espresso lungo and espresso Americano are also variants of espresso coffee. Other types of Espresso categories widely consumed are Ristreto, Latte, Macchiato, Doppio and Mocha. Good pressure is the technique behind a quality espresso coffee.

In the case of filter coffee makers, water is slowly allowed to saturate the ground coffee. Thermos pots and hot plates are provided to keep coffee hot. In percolators coffee is put into the holder in the upper portion of the machine. Water stored in the bottom portion will be boiled and steam will be forced through filters to the coffee grounds. Brewed coffee will be collected in the jug underneath.

The consumers have to decide about the type of coffee that is to be prepared before choosing the machine. The most remarkable characteristic of coffee making is that the favorite beverage of the people is made in different methods to yield different tastes and flavors. Methods and mechanisms adopted are different in the making of each type of coffee. Numerous types of machines are available in the market. Bean to cup, lever coffee machines and pod coffee machine are a few to point out in this context.

Innovative machines are being introduced by leading manufacturers. One of the latest introductions is provided with a user friendly display. The consumer can select any one from a dozen beverage options. The touch control facility in the programmable machine makes the process easier and faster. Adjustable ceramic grinder, pressure pump, brewing unit and intelligent auto valve system which facilitates for hot water or steam option are some of the innovative ideas that are incorporated in the machine.

Sophisticated machines are programmable. Users can choose the type of coffee and the quantity required and programme the machine accordingly. Automatic timers are provided to activate the machine at the appropriate time. No personal monitoring is needed. Automatic cleaning of the interiors to remove residues periodically can also be programmed in these modern machines. Hygienically maintenance of coffee machine is essential to retain the taste and flavor of the beverage.
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