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Precision Brew Coffee Makers by Grindmaster

This article is in response to a request by one of my blog readers. What does precision brew really mean and what coffee-making products are included with this prefix will be covered in this article. There are actually two parts to these coffee makers, the brewers and the types of containers they brew into.

Precision Brew brewers begin with pod brewers. The heavy-duty commercial brewer has a dual water system that allows the unit to be plumbed into a water line or manually filled while the light duty must be manually filled. The water reservoir can be easily removed from either pod brewer for filling. Both are designed to accept all commercial pods and larger size cups or mugs and offer 3 brew strength settings plus a tea setting.

In addition Precision Brew brewer are designed for serviceability. The die-cast aluminum heater has two high-tech, baked on, anti-scaling coatings to prevent corrosion. The hot water tank can be easily removed by disconnecting electrical and water connections and removing two no-tool fastening pins. The internal tubing is color-coded for ease of reconnection. A cooling fan prolongs component life inside the brewer and spreads the coffee aroma throughout the room. An external control board connector allows field reprogramming without opening the unit. A patented door assembly rolls on permanently lubricated ball bearings. The drawer can be easily removed by the removal of just one screw.

Precision Brewers that are digitally controlled brewers are made for four distinct types of containers. The B-ID brews into a 1.9 stainless steel vacuum insulated container. The B-3 and B-6 offer a single brewer and two warmers on top and a double brewer with four warmers on top respectively. A B-3WL and B-3WR offer a single brewer with warmers on the left or right side; all of these accept a glass decanter. The B-SAP brewer accepts a 2.2 liter airpot while the B-DAP are brewer accepts a 2.2 liter and a 2.5 liter airpot. Model B-DGP is a twin brewer accepts only 2.5 liter vacuum insulated gravity containers. All of these brewers will maintain a brewing temperature within plus of minus 1 degree Fahrenheit. The brewers will also extract up to 20% more dissolved solids per batch of coffee through pulse brewing and timing, which is programmable. This pulsing will not alter the coffee volume. A preset low-temperature no brew allows the brew cycle to begin only if it has reached an optimum brew temperature. Additional features include a counter that counts the number of brew cycles for preventive maintenance. Another feature is the brewer settings can be locked to prevent tampering. Brew volume can be set in a “teach” mode to eliminate trial and error set up or by minutes and seconds once determined.

Precision Brew Barista Series urns offer the user complete control over the brew cycle, contact, and brew temperature as in the brewers. These urns have a dual wall, air insulated, elctropolished liners that hold the coffee between 180° Fahrenheit and 185° Fahrenheit.

Precision Brew means that the user has complete control over the brewing of the coffee for a pod user to for a professional coffee brewer who knows up the second the length of brewing time that is needed to produce the best quality of coffee possible. These brewers offer greater information for the time of maintenance and also offers ease of maintenance.