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Antioxidant Rich Coffee Beneficial in Fighting Prostrate Cancer

While these statistics are staggering and worrisome for all men, new research by Harvard University in Massachusetts is showing that men can take certain preventative steps to curbing their chances of developing prostate cancer.  A recent study (conducted over a spawn of two decades) concluded that, among a study group of 47,911 men who drank approximately 6 cups of coffee a day (or more), their chances of developing prostate cancer decreased by 20%.  These findings are incredibly promising, as coffee is a popular beverage consumed by many individuals on a daily basis.  What’s more promising, coffee drinkers who drank 6 or more cups of coffee a day (considered heavy consumption) saw a decrease of lethal prostate cancer of approximately 60%.

And while readers may think drinking 6 cups of coffee (or more) a day is a lot, fear not!  The study also found that even drinking moderate amounts of coffee a day resulted in an observed decrease in the chances of developing lethal prostate cancer by 30%.

Researchers believe that coffee reduces the risk of prostate cancer due to antioxidants contained within the coffee beans themselves.  Coffee is actually packed full of antioxidants, known as polyphenols, which help to combat oxidative stress in the human body.  When left unchecked, oxidative stress results in damaging free radicals which have been linked to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, aging, and other diseases.

While coffee contains these beneficial antioxidants, some companies are taking things even one step further.  Vancouver’s Antioxidant Café International is one such company.  Regular green coffee beans, when roasted, lose a significant portion of their antioxidant content, and while the final coffee blend still contains antioxidants, many are lost.  Antioxidant Café International, on the other hand, produces a healthy organic blend of delicious coffee which is packed with up to six times more cancer fighting antioxidants than any other coffee brand on the market, making it a wonderful choice for health food and organic coffee lovers everywhere.  Using a specialized and natural extraction process, antioxidants are extracted before the organic coffee is roasted, and then infused back into the coffee beans.  This process of retaining antioxidants has resulted in one of the most healthful coffees on the market today, perfect for men who wish to curb their chances of developing prostate cancer, and eliminating the need to drink upwards of 6 cups of coffee a day.

Antioxidant Café International’s patented method has been verified by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition to produce an antioxidant packed blend of USDA certified organic coffee.  Thankfully, the company provides shipping of coffee beans to coffee and health lovers everywhere, including New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Montreal, Toronto, and more.  This means that men everywhere now have a better means of fighting the risk of prostate cancer, while drinking one of their favorite beverages.  What more could you ask for?

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